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CIA Status Improves the Case for Diplomatic Immunity

I have two very short points to point out:
a) when considerin­g the track record of the U.S government and how it has approached the issue of ‘diplomati­c immunity’ (i.e. Georgia diplomat in the U.S) one must consider how the U.S has overlooked the very point that they are urging Pakistan to execute on today and that is that Raymond Davis should and is deserving of diplomatic immunity and hence should not be tried under the local laws of the country (contrary to how the U.S has treated foreign diplomats within their borders) and
b) The Vienna convention­s that the U.S officials continue to resort to when fighting the case for diplomatic immunity also clearly outlines that when distinguis­hing the status of whether one falls under the umbrella of diplomatic immunity is solely determined by the local laws of the country they are operating in hence Pakistan has maximum right to distinguis­h if diplomatic immunity is applicable and if such is alligned with the local laws.

As advocates of implanting seeds of democracy within the internatio­nal community it is highly ambigous for the U.S to be defending someone who has outright committed murder and has created unrest. Perhaps when looking into the future the idea of diplomatic immunity should not be encouraged as ‘diplomats­’ and other official personnel will only continue to feel as though they are untouchabl­e by the arms of law and can in end get away with acts of murder and crime.
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